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About Us

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Rawr Foods was founded by Jasmin Smith in 2014 due to her love and passion for healthy eating and sweet desserts.

Our products contain whole food ingredients including super foods which are healthy and beneficial to your body. All our desserts are vegan and are free from gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars!

We produce all our cakes with minimal heat so that their natural enzymes and nutritional value is kept intact. Not only do you get to enjoy a delicious dessert but your body also receives nutritious benefits.


Have your cake and eat it too.

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The Process

Our cakes are made with love. See the process behind their creation.

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Step 1. Source

We source a variety of the finest quality natural ingredients. Quality matters to us and not only does it make our treaties the most delicious in all of the land but we care about what we are putting in our bodies.

Step 2. Create

Our cashews are soaked and our bases are pressed, ready to be topped with silky smooth layers of delicious flavours. All our ingredients are raw (so it has never been heated above 42 depgrees). Our cakes are now ready to be set.

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Step 3. Set

Our cakes are set in freezers.. that’s right there is no cooking/heating involved in our Rawr kitchen!

Step 4. Hand cut

Now’s the time our Rawr cakes are hand cut into their unique shape.

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Step 5. Decorate

Our cakes are decorated with all sorts of delicious natural goodies. You’ll find caramel, chocolate, cashew vanilla cream, dried fruits, seeds and even rawr chocolate dirt… YUM

Step 6. Packed

Your goodies are on their way to you! Our cakes are packed in our custom boxes and delivered to cafe and restaurants all around Queensland.

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Step 7. Your mouth, no regrets

Our process begins in nature and ends with you. We help along the way to make these ingredients into their most delicious form for you to enjoy guilt free. No nasties, no hidden ingredients.. pure raw.